Andrea provides a comfortable safe environment for me to deal with my worries. -Ana

I feel that I can speak about my problems without being judged. -Steve

Andrea is very reliable and encourages me to work on my treatment goals. -David

I learned about the Power & Control Wheel and how to set boundaries. -Lindsey

I realized that the only person I can make happy is myself. I have to let go of taking care of others. -Maria

I find it helps to get an educated perspective on my problems. I am using new coping skills and not repeating old cycles of behavior. -Johanna

I look forward to coming to therapy, it makes me feel less alone and more hopeful. -Carmen

I feel lighter and less stressed after my session. If I have made progress, it feels good to share my accomplishments. -Carlos

Andrea is very understanding and compassionate. She really cares about her clients. -Richard

I learned to set boundaries and how to let go of guilt trips. It works! -Joan