Teaching You Skills to Transform Your Life

Does your life feel out of control? Are you experiencing anxiety or depression? Do you wish you woke up every day feeling excited to live your life?

For the past 23 years as a counselor in Albuquerque I have helped hundreds of people learn the skills they need to transform their lives. Using compassion, commitment and change as the cornerstones of my practice, I provide a respectful, nonjudgmental environment to foster healing.

I work with individuals, couples and families. I have helped clients overcome abuse, anger, anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, domestic violence, PTSD, ADHD and problems in their family and relationships.

If you would like to learn more about my counseling methods or philosophy, please take a look at my videos page. There I go into detail about how I work with clients on specific issues. You can also learn more about my policies on insurance and appointments, read testimonials from people I have worked with or find directions to my Albuquerque office using the links at the top of the page.

My passion as a therapist is helping people lead richer, fuller lives by identifying their values, setting goals and then learning the skills they need to achieve them. I offer a free 30 minute consultation. You can call me at (505) 301-2971 or you can email me using the address below. Together we can transform emotional pain so you can create the life you want for yourself.

andrea@andreaduff.com       (505) 301-2971